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Live French Bohemian Music at the Salt Spring Island’s 12th Annual Apple Festival

Oct 20102

Live French Bohemian Music
at the Salt Spring Island’s 12th Annual Apple Festival

Find French Bohemians Georges & Cerika on the Apple Festival’s trail at…

AppleLuscious Organic Orchards 2 PM to 4PM (approx. time)
110 Heidi Place

SaltSpring Island Cheese : 11 AM to 1PM (approx. time)
285 Reynolds Road

Where else do you have over 350 different apple varieties being grown organically? Salt Spring’s apple history dates back to 1860. Explore this incredible island, the Organic Gardening Capital of Canada.

About the Festival

Sunday October 3, 2010 9am-5pm.

Participants choose to visit those orchards that interest them, based on a map showing locations & descriptions of each.

Suggested starting location is Fulford Hall at Salt Spring’s south end.

Because Salt Spring has a fascinating apple-growing heritage, is the home of a new apple Organic Apple Coop, and is the Organic Gardening Capital of Canada.


$10 each, students $5, kids under 12, free.

Tickets available ONLY on Festival day at Fulford hall and outside the Ganges tourist info centre.

Admission includes a map of Salt Spring showing locations of host farms descriptions of each. Participants choose locations they wish to visit and will be challenged to see everything within the hours of between 9-5.

French Bohemians Georges & Cerika Featured at the Victoria French Fest Grand Opening on March 4th

Feb 201018

FrenchBohemians BrochureEN Cover

Le 13ième Festival de la Francophonie de Victoria
13th edition of the Victoria French Fest

French Bohemians Georges & Cerika will be the featured musical act at the 13th Annual Victoria French Fest Grand Opening Event on Thursday March 4th.

The Sticky Wicket Pub & Restaurant of the Strathcona Hotel.
919 Douglas Street - Victoria, BC

From 4 PM to 7 PM and most possibly later. This is a French style opening celebration after all, right?

French Bohemians Georges & Cerika will also give an other performance  of their show during the festival:

Da Vinci Centre (195 Bay St. Victoria)
Saturday March 6th at 4 PM


Bohemian Art at the the 13th Annual Victoria French Fest !
Come browse Cérika’s magical collections of

  • Carved Emu Eggs
  • Handcrafted masks
  • Art Jewelry
  • Fine Talismans
  • Paintings
  • Portable Art
  • Latest Work

Victoria French Fest Exhibition Hours & Location

Da Vinci Centre
(195 Bay St. Victoria)

Saturday March 6th - Hours: 11AM-6PM
Sunday March 7th - Hours: 11AM-5PM

Related links:
More info about the Franco Fest in Victoria
The French Association of Victoria

BohemianArts Affiche
The Magical World of French Bohemians Georges & Cérika

Our Offerings for 2010

Dec 200929

Georges & Cerika's exhibit at the Takilma Barter Fair

Our  Exhibition Booth at The Takilma Barter Fair in southern Oregon.

We are always willing to work with creative people, groups & projects actively involved in making a difference for the better in this world!

That’s what we came here to deliver!

JSC 7853

Georges & Cerika
French Bohemian Duo

Since the late seventies, we have been performing together as composers, musicians, singers & songwriters.
Our repertoire is comprised of French, European classics, originals, improvisations & chansons from all ages.
We sing in several languages (mainly in French but also in English, Romanian, Armenian & Portuguese). We perform in the European Bohemian/Tzigane tradition.

Cerika: Main Vocal & Electronic Saxophone
Georges: Bohemian/Flamenco Guitar & Vocals

Live performance with an uplifting message.
A living example of positive energy & action in the “Now” moment.
Each one of our performances brings people together in a magical way because of the pure joy & serenity that it inspires.
Unique - Refreshing - Beyond mere Entertainment!

peacemaker detail

Tutoring, Training, Counseling & Workshops

  • Music Production from start to finish
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Stone Cutting & Polishing
  • Painting
  • Computer Skills (basic & advanced) - Custom - Special Needs
  • Web Design, CMS (Content Management Systems) & Web Hosting
  • Audio & Video Productions
  • Interpersonal Mediation & Counseling
  • Self-Development
  • French Language Tutoring - Written & Spoken - Translations
  • Online Help & Consultation - as  Dr Web

malachite Copper
Copper & malachite lapidary Art pendant by Cerika

Bohemian Arts

About Cerika & her Work
Cérika is a Canadian professional artist born in Belgium,  Europe.  She practices her Art of Beauty through a unique alchemy of disciplines ranging from lapidary arts, metal work, leatherwork, painting to sculpting.

The Concept: Bohemian Art Companions

Her approach to Art is one of integrality where meaning, uniqueness and the human experience all play major roles. She feels that life is a continuum of elements in constant interaction and evolution. Each and every action, thought and emotion of our lives do influence both our whole existence and consciousness as well as those of others.
For her, Art is more than just something you do or the medium you use, it is a celebration of our fundamental uniqueness, an ode to life and beauty and a privileged communication link with the Universe.

Each of Cerika’s jewelry pieces also carries a hidden element: a profound & mysterious symbolic meaning that can only be described as a blend of the destiny of both the object and its human destination.
As an added value, each person who will end up with one of her pieces is invited to get in contact with her in order to get a micro reading of its symbolism. This complements harmoniously the affinity spiral that was initiated with the piece’s creation and its “second life” with its “new Companion”.

Juried Art Awards & Prizes
Celebrate Arts 2008
Florence Event Center, Oregon, USA
One Merit Award for “Perceval” from the ELF Collection

Korea Jewelry Design Association 2006 International Jewelry Design Contest
5 prizes:
One Jury Special Prize, 3 Jury Prizes and also the Jury Selected Venture Prize.

International Sculpture 2001 Symposium
St-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec, Canada
Special Popular Selection (“Coup de Coeur du Public”) for her piece “Ecce Homo” performed Live during the Symposium.


We’re always open to any meaningful project, group, contact & ideas you may want to bring to our attention.

Lets Cooperate Together to  Make this World a Better One
for the Children
Who Will Inherit It!

You can  contact us through this email form.

Love & Support Donations
Georges & Cerika
To help them manifest to the fullest
The Message of Love & Consciousness that they came here to deliver.

Are you being spied by your own browser?

Jun 200912

Did you know that your camera enabled computer can spy on you? Did you know that by watching that video or playing that cute game you may be allowing a site to watch you? Did you know that YouTube seems to be one such site?

Lean how to stop this here:

The Problem
We’ll spare you the nitty-gritty details of how technically they do it.
Lets only say that the Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash player (installed on most browsers) allows by default an access to your camera & microphone. Its truly amazing that a so-called multimedia “Player” of the caliber of Macromedia Flash which you will find fully activated in most if not all current browsers (FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer,etc) has by default this function enabled. By default means: the way it is set when installed the first time around. You will need to manually modify this installation in order to protect yourself from being spied by your own Adobe Flash Player.
But here’s the catch: the Adobe Flash Player does NOT come with a console or anything that allows you to modify its configuration other than by one case/website at the time. Great!
We’ll need Dr Web’s help on this one…

Dr Web’s preferred solution

Dr Web
Point your browser at Macromedia’s (now Adobe) settings manager by
Clicking Here

This will bring you to a web page that will allow you to change the global settings of your individual Flash Player. Ouf! Thank God!

The relevant portion of the page is shown below:
Flash Configure Screen

As you can see, we have two options:
1) Always deny
2) Always ask

Note how our new setting will now apply to all cases.
That’s good news because otherwise we would have to set a preference for each new occurence of a Flash animation on every new website we’ would be visiting.That’s going to save us a lot of aggravation and certainly add a lot more time to our life lenght expectancy ;-)

Which option is best for you?

Dr Web recommends “Always ask” because this option still allows you to use video conference when you need it.

If you don’t need that, then simply Click on “Always deny…”.

You will see a confirmation dialog, as shown below:
Flash Configure Deny

Click on “Confirm”.

That’s it. We should now be OK… well from the Flash Player anyway.

In the meantime, please feel free to come & visit my website . I’m always there if you need help with anything that caries a chip ;-)

Dr Web

Dr Web’s Brand New Web Site

Apr 200923

Good News!
Dr Web just launched his brand new website at

Oh! Right. Who is Dr Web.
Well, it’s kind of a well kept secret unless you happened to have met him somewhere or maybe you happen to meet Georges & Cerika one day that you where struggling with a “computer problem” of some kind and made a connexion with “the good doctor” who solved your problem. He is kind of a cyber wizard when it comes to anything electronic, computer or web related.

dr web's site
Anyway, he is a very good (& close ;-) ) friend of ours. We do recommend him if you ever need help with anyting related to your “cyber world”.

We rely on him ourselves for all our web projects, desktop publishing & computer needs.
He has litterally “saved our lives” quite a few times already and found the right “remedies” for countless problems that could have cost us a bundle without him.

Give him a try. You’ll never look back.

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  • Love Donations
    Georges & Cerika
    To help them manifest to the fullest
    The Message of Love & Consciousness
    that they came here to deliver.

    Current Offers by
    Dr Web

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