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GPS and Internet Access

Nov 200528

Just ordered on eBay, a Holux GPS GM-210 with Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005 maping software (thanks to our friend Trevor for the hint about its existence) . The GPS connects to our laptop via USB.
Also found out about the existence of a Portable Satellite Internet solution (only available in the US). Too bad. Looks like there is just NO real portable internet solutions in Canada anymore. All actual solutions are just way overpriced. They charge you by the kilobyte. It’s like buying gold, not internet access. We will keep looking but we pretty much rounded up all known canadian solutions.

Found a good all around computer tips site for RVers.

Our eventual and ideal solution for Internet Access. ;-)
What a beauty!!

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As simple as 1-2-3

Nov 200520
Take a long, deep breath…

Draw Your


Make a Difference!
Drop your 2 cents comment.
Once the Devil offered a man to hand him back his Soul for a dollar.
The man found out he could only gather 98 cents.
A boondocking Angel who was wandering in the area overhearing the conversation, stopped and dropped its 2 cents comment.
The man is now a happy full time RVer.
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Preparing our new RVer’s Life!

Nov 200518

After a few cold days,(last night went down to -10C), we cleared some more space aboard the bus to make room for some more musical instruments & modules.
This is also the very first day of this new Blog dedicated to our RVer’s eXperience.

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