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The Initiatory Passage

Jan 200612

Here we are a few weeks later: Knoxville, Tennessee. The passage from Gaspesie, Quebec to this RVers friendly Flying J Station by Interstate 40 felt and still feels more like an initiatory voyage across galaxies & universes than just a plain move from one location to the other. Cerika has kept a detailed day to day journal of our journey so far. It will be published here on this blog as soon as we find time to type all her notes. For now, I would simply like to share some thoughts and feelings about our adventure so far.
The Passage
The transition between Quebec and the US was itself a cultural shock. We very much enjoyed the change of perspective, though. Moving from a small closed knit french society to this amazing sea of diversity, abundance and mixed cultures that is called U.S felt like pure bliss.
The Mystical Experience
One thing that stucked me here in the US is the relation that people have with what we call God. In Quebec, you very seldom even hear the word mentionned in regular conversations. Some people will even throw strange suspicious looks at you if you ever do mention the word. Total different attitude here: Looks like God is at home in "America". It is a very important aspect of the american society and is valued as such as I saw and experienced a few times already. Here, God is a wavelenght that allows for communication and sharing and this right in the middle of this seemingly totally materialistic world. Amazing!
With all the preparation and all the "stuff" we had to deal with in order to be able to go on this voyage, playing music just took the back seat for a while. Now as we are advancing towards warmer weather zones, it feels like it is naturally going to take the place it deserves. People love "live music" here. What a good feeling this is to be able to share our songs with whoever is around to listen!
Thought of the day
Only God is truth. I am a human being. Truth for me is changing every day. My commitment must be to truth, not to consistency.
Mahatma Gandhi
A thought from our friend Baba Ram Dass

There are three simple levels of consciousness. There’s the ego level where most human communication takes place, which is the level of the personality, our wants and needs. Second, there is the soul level where we connect with a broader perspective. "This is the level where the spirit is fed," he says. "I like to call this level soul friends…. When I look at my stroke from the level of soul friends I can see a broader perspective. On the level of the ego I am being nursed and cared for by my aides. At the soul level I am learning to receive and they are learning to give. We are soul friends at that level."

The third level is what he calls God consciousness, in which there are no boundaries. "This is the level that the great spiritual teachers speak of," he says. "There’s no difference between me and the cedar tree out there, or the bay. I am all that is."

I cannot conclude today’s post without very special blessings towards:
1) My familly, the Payer and Marquis famillies. Bertrand, my father, Pierre, Jean and Gilles, my brothers and their soul companions and friends for being true to what they are, for all their understanding, patience and generosity towards us. We love you ! You are soul partners in this new life of ours. We feel your presence and the protections you are sending our way every day.
2) Jean Paradis & Thérèse of Ste-Anne-des-Monts, for having been godsent on our gaspesian path towards liberation and freedom.
3) Jean-Marc Dupuis of Tourelle for being the angel who saved us from the bitter cold days of winter and who showed us what the love of a child of God can do.
May Life in his infinite perfection bring each and everyone of you all the blessings of the world!

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