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Georges & Cérika at the 2008 Tucson Electric Park Gem & Mineral Show

Jan 200829

Meet us in Tucson at the:

2008 Tucson Electric Park Gem & Mineral Show
(E. Ajo Way Between Kino Pkwy. & Country Club Rd)
Tucson, Arizona
Feb 2nd - 17th 2008

This is a great show featuring the second year of the Electric Park Learning Center, a unique initiative inspired by our very good friend Hans Durstling of Virtual Fundy

We will be featuring Cérika’s unique Healing Arts Jewelry and ELF Collections, Quebec, Gaspesie agate & fossil rough collected in the 60’s, diamond tools and so much more…

See you there!!!

Georges & Cérika

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Towards an Hydrogen-on-Demand Conversion for our Bus!!

Jan 200821

Many say it is impossible, but we have seen it work with our own eyes!!!

At least we know now that is not only possible but also practical & reliable to literally “Turn water into gas“.
Adaptable To Almost All Old/New, Foreign/Domestic Vehicles: diesel & gasoline alike!

Our gasoline School Bus actually only makes 6-7 miles to the Us gallon. Yes, we know. It is a real miracle that we still manage to travel & survive with this kind of milage. Up to now that is what we had to face each time we take the road… but…
Last week, we met Scotty who uses, installs, fine tunes & maintains systems based on this HHO system. Scotty has improved and fine tuned the basic idea and now succeeds to get millage improvements sometimes in the 600% to 800% range!!!

So we think we are going for this conversion on both our van and specially our Bus with its 6 MPG actual millage.

We will report the results and all the steps of our hydrogen conversion experiment here on this blog.

This could change the way we move around ;-)
Scotty is talking about a possible 35 to 40 MPG result with this conversion.

We will keep you posted and may even open a new section under… “Hydrogen Conversion”.

Update: as of June 1st 2008
Sadly, Scotty never followed up & never delivered what was a fascinating possibility.
This is not to say that this technology does not work, only that you have to be VERY careful with who you deal with.
We liked the guy at first  but we would have like him to be a “stronger” person with less personal problems. So we can only advise anyone against dealing with him at all cost. Modifying your vehicle’s fuel system can be a risky adventure. Tried & proven examples are very hard to find. I guess we will have to study, build & test ourselves these kind of systems unless we find a reliable & ethical contact to help us “convert” to a working hydrogen fueled solution. Our intuition tells us that these system are out there, somewhere.
Future will tell…
Actually, there are 3 major “conversion” experiences we will be featuring in our blog:

* Hydrogen Conversion (for our vehicles).
** Solar Conversion (for the Bus)
*** Mobile Internet Satellite Access… & long range WIFI antennas.
stay tuned ;-)

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