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Georges & Cerika in the news in Florence

Dec 200831

G&C inthenews Florence

It’s still currently “bohemian night” with Georges & Cérika every Tuesday at the 1285 Bistrobar, 1285 Bay Street, Old Town, Florence, Oregon. 6 PM to closing.

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The Ultimate Web Solution?

Dec 200814

Possibly THE very best & Ultimate all in one solution for building your own web site, to promote it & also to start making money with your content on the internet.

This advanced & complete solution is called Site Build It!

This system is not ( repeat not) about getting a site or a blog up “quick and easy.” So many people get a site or blog up-and-running in a day. Then they struggle for a year(s) before giving up. Because the web is a so very special “beast” the way to approach it also has to be very special. We call these “easy systems”: “Instant Gratification, Delayed Mortification” because they simply don’t deliver.

No, this system is about succeeding on the web, it’s a relentless journey to building a real business, one that may change your life forever. That’s the BIG difference.

The Ultimate Web Publishing Solution?

How does this system stacks up to old-fashioned Web hosts?
Everyone boasts that they are “THE best”, right?
But can they PROVE it?
Nope! They would if they could, of course.
But this system looks like it can prove it to you.
To see for yourself if they succeed in doing so, Check this page & read how they go about proving concrete results.

How does it work?
By integrating a clear, realistic approach and a stage by stage procedure.
The approach is based on an assisted 5 step system called C T P M for:
1) Content: Research & Create high value content
2) Traffic: Build up your audience
3) Presell: Over-deliver value
4) Monetize: Convert traffic to sales

Site Build It! gives you a workable approach & the tools to succeed on the web.

The Ultimate Guide to Web Publishing
What we found as one of the most exciting features of this program is the fact that you DO NOT NEED TO BUY anything. In fact we strongly suggest NOT TO BUY the system on an impulse. You don’t have to.
Just relax. You can first study the method for free and even make money doing so…
The first step for you would be to familiarize yourself with the principles involved by reading the user guide.
You may also want to register for a free membership to their generous Affiliate program.

From there you will have access to ALL the information you will ever need in order to learn Web Publishing.
Their step-by-step guide is one of the best (if not THE very best) guide we read about how to create a successful web presence for your already existing “brick & mortar” business or for any other web project you may have in mind. Do yourself a favor and get right now the benefit of knowledge & experience.

If you also have the chance to live in Florence, Oregon, you can schedule a meeting with Dr Web (drweb(at) for a free consultation & some Help about getting started & also ongoing support using this amazing publishing system.

What we like about it
In short, it is a systematical & no BS approach to establishing a web presence for your established business or for ANY project of yours that may include interacting with the internet.
No, they don’t promise you an unrealistic quick & easy “fix” like you currently see all over the web.
They will supply both the Tools & the information that you will need in order to succeed with your project.
You will still have to do you “homework” though but the path is very well mapped and very realistic.
In all the years that we have been involved with hosting & web publishing, we think that this is the most comprehensive & honest approach we ever came across.

We loved their business model:

“We make it clear that we do not want “GetRichQuick” customers, people with ideas of easy riches in no time. Why do that? Sure it “costs” us clients. We do it because SBI! really works. It produces Top 3% results, but only for those with motivation and a willingness to work. Why risk disappointment from those who expect the impossible?

In the same way, SiteSell Services will enable you to outperform your local competition, “own” your corner of the Internet and expand your business (perhaps even globally, if that is a goal). But, here again, we hate to disappoint. And we both need to enjoy the experience.

Is SiteSell Services the best match for your business? Will we enjoy working together and build a strong success together? Here’s a quick way to check…

1. Do you work well with people? Do you trust the advice of specialists in any field when that counsel makes sense? Or do you prefer ongoing debate before accepting other people’s proposals?
2. Is your business philosophy a long-term, plan-and-build-from-the-ground-up one? Or do you like the quick and flashy approach?
3. Once the foundation is planned and built, do you understand the power of building a powerful business through ongoing activities, “drip by drip?” Or do you believe you can simply “finish” your Web site and be done with it?

For each of those questions above, please evaluate our approach and see how it fits with yours…

1. We love what we do. We know our business. We work extremely well with clients. But we won’t go against our company philosophy (building valuable Keyword Focused Content Pages) simply because “the client insists upon it” or “the client is difficult.” We’d rather take pride in your success.
2. We research the Web, discuss a site architecture first. We develop an entire keyword report upon which we will build the site. That means you don’t see a fancy home page on the first day we’re together.
3. A site is never finished. The constant “drip-by-drip” power of content creation and popularity-building will literally enable you to “corner the Web” for your particular local niche, or build global ways to monetize if you wish. But it requires ongoing effort. We can do it under your direction as usual, or we’ll be glad to train you or an assistant.

Bottom line? This section of the Web site is here to ensure that we think alike about business, and that we will both enjoy what will be a successful collaboration.
- excerpt of SiteSell’s service page

More than 20 universities are already teaching college courses with SBI , and even more courses are in the works.

How much

Currently (as of April 2009) $299/year
Promotional deals available once in a while.
Check at the bottom of this page for current pricing/deal.

Too busy to do it yourself?
Just drop a line to Dr Web, our in house product specialist, for a free consultation about implementing a customized SiteBuildIt! web solution for yourself or your company.

Various other related links:
- Free Course in e-business
- French Version description of this system
- Web Solution for LOCAL Florence Businesses with LOCAL Clients

- For small or home offices, startups, and newbies
- Work From Home
- Free yourself from eBay dependency
- Selling E-goods

- For Those Selling a Service… or Could Be
- For Sales/Rental Agents
- For Real Estate Agents
- For Travel Means Business
- For Work At Home Moms
- For University Students
- For Retirees/Pre-Retirees

Conclusion: Is it for everyone

Well, not necessarily. It is a very good solution for passionate people willing & capable to learn how to do it themselves (with the available help of an impressively collaborative community). Obviously if you are the type that just can’t or does not want to spend more time in front of a computer, the “traditional” method of hiring a reliable person/consultant or agency that will take care of it all for you is still the way to go. By the way, this is the alternative that Dr Web favors for people with this kind of profile. Not everyone is ready or ever will be ready to dive into the intricacies of web publishing on their own. Its part of the beauty of life’s diversity. We all need & always will need each other, right?

Ready to go for it?
Here is the link to the order page.

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Local Holiday Market in Florence

Dec 200813

cerika jewelry

Georges & Cerika at the Local Holiday Market
Florence Playhouse
(across from fire station)
208 Laurel St.
Old Town Florence

10AM to 4PM
Saturdays, December 13th & 20th

All handcrafted items by local Artists & Creators
Food - Glass Art - Soaps - Canned Preserved - Dried Flowers - Refreshments & other goodies…
Open Jam: 1-3PM
Live Music

A very nice local event.
Nice crowd - Great craft people - Community oriented
Definitely the place to be & to shop in Florence on these cool days of December!!

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A Bohemian Celebration at the Grape Leaf in Florence

Dec 200810

Grape Leaf Sign
December 17th - From 6PM

Grape Leaf Wine Shop & Bistro
1269 Bay Street - Florence

Reservations are highly recommended:
Phone: 541-997-1646
or via email

A Bohemian Celebration!
An evening of Bohemian Food & Live Bohemian Music with Georges & Cerika.
This is definitely going to be a very special event!
Hope to meet you there!!!

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