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Are you being spied by your own browser?

Jun 200912

Did you know that your camera enabled computer can spy on you? Did you know that by watching that video or playing that cute game you may be allowing a site to watch you? Did you know that YouTube seems to be one such site?

Lean how to stop this here:

The Problem
We’ll spare you the nitty-gritty details of how technically they do it.
Lets only say that the Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash player (installed on most browsers) allows by default an access to your camera & microphone. Its truly amazing that a so-called multimedia “Player” of the caliber of Macromedia Flash which you will find fully activated in most if not all current browsers (FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer,etc) has by default this function enabled. By default means: the way it is set when installed the first time around. You will need to manually modify this installation in order to protect yourself from being spied by your own Adobe Flash Player.
But here’s the catch: the Adobe Flash Player does NOT come with a console or anything that allows you to modify its configuration other than by one case/website at the time. Great!
We’ll need Dr Web’s help on this one…

Dr Web’s preferred solution

Dr Web
Point your browser at Macromedia’s (now Adobe) settings manager by
Clicking Here

This will bring you to a web page that will allow you to change the global settings of your individual Flash Player. Ouf! Thank God!

The relevant portion of the page is shown below:
Flash Configure Screen

As you can see, we have two options:
1) Always deny
2) Always ask

Note how our new setting will now apply to all cases.
That’s good news because otherwise we would have to set a preference for each new occurence of a Flash animation on every new website we’ would be visiting.That’s going to save us a lot of aggravation and certainly add a lot more time to our life lenght expectancy ;-)

Which option is best for you?

Dr Web recommends “Always ask” because this option still allows you to use video conference when you need it.

If you don’t need that, then simply Click on “Always deny…”.

You will see a confirmation dialog, as shown below:
Flash Configure Deny

Click on “Confirm”.

That’s it. We should now be OK… well from the Flash Player anyway.

In the meantime, please feel free to come & visit my website . I’m always there if you need help with anything that caries a chip ;-)

Dr Web

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