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SaltSpring Island: Still a little piece of Eden…

Oct 20098

SaltSpring MarinaView

Salt Spring Island is located about half way between Nanaimo and Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia. The city of Vancouver on the mainland of BC is to the north.

There are over ten thousand human residents on Salt Spring Island, several thousand sheep and a sizeable deer population. 350 varieties of apples are grown here. Organic growers are all over the place.

Besides being a very beautiful place in term of nature there are other deeper beauties also present if you just take a little time to find out. There’s more underneath the surface than just what meets the eyes. By that we mean caring people & a lot of consciousness concentrated in a relatively small territory.

SaltSpring TeaShirt RonLive Like You’ll Die Tomorrow
Farm Like You’ll Live Forever!
(As seen on a sweatshirt distributed at the Saturday market)

Many outstanding levels of consciousness are incarnated here on the island. This is sometimes manifested through spontaneous private initiatives like …

The Free Store
(Ganges - on Jackson Street - Across the AutoPart Store)

SaltSpring FreeStore

where people bring useful stuff that would otherwise end up at the dump for lack of a better place. “Nothing gets recycled faster & better than when made Free” . This quaint little place in Ganges is a personal initiative of Garbage Guru David, an activist & a visionary we had the pleasure to meet along with a great team of people like Jonathan, the Newfoundlander, Peter, Suzan & others all working as volunteers for the “cause” of Free as in Free Beings & Free Thinkers. Again, there’s more than what meets the eyes there too: conscious caring people in action. This place is a living instance of creative freedom at work. If you happen to be in Ganges anytime soon, make a point to come and visit the Free Store and show your support by signing the petition to keep it open. The Free Store is under the threat of closing down by the end of October.

SaltSpring Money Mind-Made

Money as Dept

Paul Grignon’s 47-minute animated presentation of “Money as Debt” tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created. See the story of how money got manipulated from originally being a useful idea to what it has now become.

SaltSpring 107.9 FM Radio

SaltSpring’s brand new local FM Radio station. Also available online.

Many free spirits inhabit this little piece of Eden including some well known spiritual personalities among which …

Eckhart Tolle
(The Power of Now & A New Earth)

The reclusive German-born author of the million-copy bestseller, The Power of Now, has arguably done more than any contemporary Western teacher to popularize the idea that people can become spiritually awakened by “living in the present” — by avoiding becoming locked in the habits of the past or in always yearning for a grass-is-greener future.

Tolle, who says he would prefer to be left largely alone to live “a bit like a hermit,” has also recently bought a home on Saltspring Island with his partner, Kim Eng, where they enjoy being surrounded by trees.

Even though he’s an introvert, Tolle says he feels life is asking him to “surrender” to the need to tour the world, give public lectures and sell books to save the planet.
(Sources Vancouver Sun)

Recommended listening:
The Flowering of Human Consciousness
Full 2 part lecture with Eckhart Tolle 12/04/2009


With all its potential & all its blessings, real marvels should be coming out of this little piece of Eden…

Are we also going to see this happening ?

Is SaltSpring Island going to deliver its promises in the real world?

That’s what our experience here will be telling us.

We already have had first hand experiences and glimpse of some of this magic. But then again, we’re conscious that “as newbies” we’ ve hardly only scratched the surface.

The “touristy season” is fading away by now. We’ re just about to experience the “other side” of the island’s reality and at the same time a new phase of our adventure. Our intuition tells us that this  may very well be  the  “family side” or certainly  “an other side of the family” so to speak.

We who gets to live gets to  see!

Stay tuned!  ;-)

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