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frenchbohemians We are Georges & Cérika, 2 long time  soul companions.  We met in 1979 and just kept going from one experience to the other.

This blog is the story of our adventures, our initiatives,  our passions, our ideas and our approach to art,  music & technology.

We ‘re part of what we  call the “ Bohemian Culture“.

Bohemian Culture Values
Freedom, love,  kindness, truthfulness to one’s essence  & the courage to become yourself the very change you want to see happening all this for the good of all living beings.
Lets also call it  an ” extremely  intense and dedicated self-development process” because it implies living a level of truthfulness and freedom more than just talking about it.

Mission Statement
Our mission statement is to live consciously & courageously, to resonate with love & compassion, to awaken the Great Spirit within others & to leave this planet in peace.

In this blog, we are sharing  our passion for Life, Art,  Music,  Technology, Science and the Universe.

The Bohemian  Culture
A culture where one truly travels the roads leading to True Oneness with the Universe. As we look at the “Old World” crumbling, we are also witnessing the emergence of this new consciousness:  a fusion of all Arts, Sciences & Religions where every living organism is acknowledged, loved & cared for.

You may be  part of It
You are  welcome to come forward & share with us your own personal experiences , your own personal “angle” on Life . Needless to say that we’re also truly open to temporary or ongoing collaborations with other true “Life Traveler Companions”.

The Reason Why
Isn’t  it true that Life wouldn’t have bother creating you if it wasn’t for the uniqueness that you are truly carrying deep within yourself , this magical imprinted password capable of opening effortlessly the secret code of your own meaningfulness along with one of the whole Universe. The Wisdom of this Universe is such that each & everyone of us is both carrier & guardian of a unique puzzle piece of the Universal Key.

Let go of the nightmare & embrace the best of yourself.
The nightmare was a bad dream, the best of yourself IS real forever. Easy choice once you know about it.  Try it just for one day and see for yourself! ;-)

How Can You Help?
There’s many ways  you can use to make a difference & show your support.
Among them lets mention:  linking to our blog, making a donation, buying one of our CD, ordering some of our products  or services. Even simple things like leaving a kind comment or praying for us does make a difference. In this often indifferent world, just a glimpse of Love goes a long way.

Show that you care!

Lets join our efforts to make this world  a kinder one, a more caring one for ourselves & for all the children that will inherit it after us!

How to write to us
Simply click on this CONTACT FORM

This contact form is located on our website Pilgrims in America.
You can also keep in touch by registering to our  mailing list located just below our contact form.

Thanks for visiting us!

George & Cerika

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  1. On September 19th, 2009 at 3:27 pm Stuart Isett Says:

    The NYT story is running tomorrow, Sunday.

    Here it is on the web:

    With a slideshow:

    Thanks for all your help. Sadly the NYT cut the story shorter, but ran quite a few of my images online.

    All the best,


  2. On October 3rd, 2010 at 6:35 pm catherine Says:

    Hey you two, met you both today at the Apple Festival and you blew my socks off! Awesome energy and entertainment, the music was magical and is your combined presence. Look forward to reconnecting with you sometime on the island and getting a CD!! Thank you for adding to the magic in the orchard.

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